This revolutionary skin resurfacing treatment is changing the aesthetic industry. Jack Zamora MD Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics is proud to offer Renuvion Plasma Skin Resurfacing to patients in Denver, Colorado. Renuvion uses incredibly precise plasma energy to turn back the hands of time and dramatically reduce the signs of aging. While the J-Plazty Face and J-Plazty Body procedures use plasma energy under the skin, Renuvion Resurfacing uses plasma on the surface of the skin to ablate and smooth - virtually taking years off your face. 

WHAT IS Renuvion?

Renuvion Resurfacing uses a plasma energy to promote skin tightening and rejuvenation, as well as encouraging your skin to regrow new cells. Utilizing ionized helium gas, Dr. Jack Zamora is able to ablate tissue at an extremely low, controlled temperature, this allows for minimal collateral damage to surrounding tissue. The technology was developed for controlled and precise medical applications such as removing cancerous lesions and was found to be beneficial in aesthetic and cosmetic practices due to the incredible cellular rejuvenation. This plasma is different from the plasma that we use for our PRP Treatments which is the platelet rich plasma found in our blood. With the plasma energy of Renuvion Skin Resurfacing we can treat delicate areas such as the eyelids without causing damage to surrounding treatment area. 

Procedure Information

J-Plasma Dr. Jack Zamora

Dr. Zamora and his expert team can perform your Renuvion Skin Resurfacing treatment very simply as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Zamora uses the Renvuion wand and gently "paints" the areas of the face with the plasma energy. Patients can treat the full face or target the peri-oral (mouth) or peri-ocular (eye) area. 
Renuvion Skin Resurfacing can be added to any of our cosmetic procedures for remarkable results.  


Our team will assist you with all of the information you need for exceptional results with your Renuvion Skin Resurfacing procedure. Dr. Zamora will address all of your concerns ahead of time and discuss what your desired results are. He will also explain his techniques and anesthesia options.

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Zamora recommends you discontinue the use of products containing aspirin, garlic, ginseng, green tea and vitamin E for two weeks, as they may increase the risk of bruising.

Post Treatment Information

Dr. Zamora or someone from his team will check in with you after your treatment. Initial swelling and bruising can take two to three weeks to resolve, but at least several months are needed until the final result becomes stable. Renuvion Skin Resurfacing can cause pinkness for six to ten weeks post procedure. Minor discomfort can be treated with over the counter Tylenol. However, if you pain is unbearable, please call our office immediately.