Improve wrinkles, sagging jowls and drooping neck by removing excess skin to give you a healthy and natural younger look. Customized to your needs, this rejuvenating procedure will give you results that last for a decade.

Dr. Zamora and his team are skilled in handling all types of facelift cases. A facelift procedure tightens the deep tissues and muscles of the face while also removing excess fat and skin in an effort to provide a smoother, tighter and younger appearance.

It used to be that facelifts were more of a “one stop shop” for all, where every patient got a routine lifting and tightening of their facial tissue. Dr. Zamora believes that every facelift should be customized to his patient’s unique needs. He prides himself on giving each patient a lift that his specifically catered to them.

Dr. Zamora is committed to making each facelift not just a procedure, but a work of art. He takes in to consideration the contours of each patient’s face and analyzes each component and feature of to determine how to best achieve the aesthetic goal.

Preparation Information

Our team at Jack Zamora MD Cosmetic Surgery will assist you with all of the information you need for exceptional results with your facelift procedure. Dr. Zamora will address all of your concerns ahead of time and discuss the best technique to achieve your desired results. Dr. Zamora will also explain what to expect with anesthesia, review your medications and explain post procedure care.

Procedure Information

No one facelift is the same. Depending on the desired outcome, your facelift may incorporate the lower face, mid face and forehead. Small incisions will be made around the hairline and the ears. During the facelift procedure, skin is separated from the muscles and tissue which allows it to be lifted. The tissue and muscle under the skin are repositioned and excess fat is removed. Skin is redraped over the prepositioned muscle and tissue to give a natural looking result. With a neck lift procedure, muscle bands are repositioned, mobilized and secured to improve laxity and banding. Excess fat is removed and skin is placed to give a smooth, sculpted look.

Post Treatment Information

Dr. Zamora will provide you with detailed post procedure instructions. Recovery time will vary by patient and the type of facelift technique used. 

Maximum swelling occurs 48-hours postoperatively. Do not be alarmed if you are more swollen on the second day. However, you should contact us immediately if pain is not readily controlled by your post operative medications, if you develop a fever, you note persistent bleeding or oozing after the second day, or if swelling worsens after the third post operative day. 

After the surgery you will be wrapped with a compression dressing on the sides of your face and below your chin. This dressing MUST be worn continuously for three days, and then 12-hours each day after that for the following six weeks.  

Expect to feel tired for seven to ten days after the surgery. Make sure to obtain adequate rest to help your body through the healing process. Sleep elevated and avoid laying down to decrease swelling.

Sutures will be removed one-two weeks following the procedure, unless Dr. Zamora suggests otherwise.

No physical exertion, bending, carrying heavy objects or exercise for three weeks. Do not resume any vigorous exercise until Dr. Zamora has cleared you to do so.

Dr. Zamora reminds each of his patients that healing from a facelift procedure is a gradual process but that the end result is exceptional. He will provide detailed post care instructions and is always happy to answer any questions you may have about your procedure.