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At Jack Zamora MD Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics, we work with you to discover your ideal look. 
Our team recognizes the importance of wanting to look and feel your best. We specialize in aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures with minimal downtime that offer you beautiful, natural looking results. 


From Eyelid Rejuvenation and FAMI Adipose Stem Cells to the latest minimally invasive J-Plazty Face and Neck Lift, our facial procedures slow the signs of aging and reveal a younger, natural looking you.


We can help sculpt and shape your figure to give you the body you've always wanted. With J-Plazty Body, VASER® Liposuction, SculpSure Non-Surgical Body Contouring and Breast Augmentation and procedures.


Our Aesthetic offices offer a variety of services to combat skin concerns ranging from anti-aging to acne. Our Laser Treatments, Botox and Fillers, Hair Removal and Spa Facials will keep your skin glowing. 

Dr. Jack Zamora Denver, Colorado


Dr. Jack Zamora and his team of aesthetic professionals work with each patient to achieve their best possible results. Dr. Zamora specializes in using a minimally invasive approach with each of his cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. From the newest skin tightening procedure for face and body, the J-Plazty procedure, to Eyelid Rejuvenation and Botox to Laser treatments, you can achieve younger looking skin with less downtime. 

With practices located throughout Colorado and in Boston, Dr. Zamora is able to provide his patients with the latest cosmetic technologies and the highest quality care. Whether your concern is anti aging, body shaping, hormone therapy, acne treatments or hair removal, we have a solution for you. 

Please visit any of Dr. Zamora's locations to schedule your complimentary consultation. Dr. Zamora and his team would be honored to be your choice for your cosmetic surgery and aesthetic needs. We can't stop aging, but we can help you age gracefully.

Featured Treatments


J-Plazty Face uses cold plasma energy under the skin to lift, tighten and rejuvenate the face and neck giving you natural looking results with minimal downtime and no complications of a traditional facelift.